Long Haul Shipping of Electrical Panels Minnesota

When speaking about Oversize Load Shipping & Machinery Transport Shop Managers from New England to South Florida know that Pedowitz Machinery Movers is the best trucking and rigging company around.

Take for instance this job we just completed involving the trucking and rigging of electrical control panels from Daikin Owatonna, MN to Charlotte, NC

It starts with developing a proper plan. This is perhaps nevermore so that if the machinery being moved qualifies as oversized loads and/or has irregular dimensions. This determines not only contacting the relevant authorities but involves obtaining the necessary permits from your state’s Department of Transportation. They’ll inform you about road restrictions or if you need escort vehicles. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR ESCORT VEHICLES AGREEMENT. You’ll want to read them especially if you’re doing a shop relocation, which is the type of move that often involves traveling through multiple states.

Observing the proper moving protocols is paramount so as to avoid human injury and damage to expensive equipment.

That’s why communication and planning is at the core of every single Pedowitz Machinery Movers job. We are known far and wide for getting our customers’ heavy equipment and machinery moved safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

Long Haul Trucking of Electrical Panels 2
Long Haul Trucking of Electrical Panels 4
Long Haul Trucking of Electrical Panels 3

If you want to see a time lapse clip on our Instagram Channel you can go here: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChF-6LApb_6/ and of course you can check out all the machinery moving action on our YouTube Channel at youtube.com/machinerymoveresusa. Of course you can keep up with our crane services and mechanical equipment riggers on our blog here: https://pedowitz.com/nyc-trucking-rigging-company-recent-jobs/

Remember when it comes to Long Haul Shipping of Electrical Panels Minnesota shop managers trust Pedowitz.