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Pedowitz Machinery Movers Miami, Fl

When they need heavy equipment and machinery moving South Florida General Contractors and Construction Project Managers call Pedowitz.

Transporting and maintaining heavy equipment to and on job-sites located in high heat climates is a job unto itself. Within temperatures often reaching 100 degrees, getting oversize loads from point A to point B is a challenging task.

From West Palm Beach and Pompano to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Pedowitz has been moving heavy equipment and machinery for decades. Operating large and oversized vehicles that transport heavy equipment such as cranes or generators, is no easy task. The planning and logistics are critical.

We’ll start with a site survey prior to bringing heavy equipment to the site. With cranes in particular, it is very important to cordon off a dedicated space, and ensure that the correct ground conditions exist to support not only the crane, but the equipment it will be moving.  Route planning is key as there is a lot of new construction on I-95.

Each state reviews and approves the planned route, and then gives a specified time period when contractors can cross a certain bridge or tunnel. 

Check out this informative video of what Pedowitz does day in and day out to comply with and satisfy all the above guidelines.

Call us today at (954) 973-9737 and talk to us about heavy equipment and machinery moving NYC