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Driving tractor trailers in New York City can be challenging for several reasons, but add a crane and you really have to know what you’re doingNew York City is known for its traffic, and navigating through the crowded streets can be difficult for even the most experienced drivers. Tractor trailers are larger and less maneuverable than other vehicles, which can make it harder to navigate through tight spaces and heavy traffic. You got narrow roads, tight turns and low bridges (tractor trailers may not be able to fit through some of these roads), and let’s not forget about pedestrian traffic.

Now, our clients know a little secret, mainly that our route planning and permitting department are second to none.

Try parking for a tractor trailer in New York City. You need not only skill, patience, and experience, but intuition and that’s what our professional crane rigging team does day in and day out.

Crane rigging can be difficult for several reasons:

1. Complex loads: The loads that cranes lift are often large, heavy, and complex in shape, making it difficult to determine the appropriate rigging techniques.
2. Safety concerns: Cranes are powerful machines that can pose a significant safety risk if not used correctly. Proper rigging techniques are essential to ensure the safety of the crane operator, the riggers, and anyone else in the vicinity of the crane.
3. Environmental factors: Rigging can be affected by environmental factors such as wind, rain, or snow, making it difficult to determine the appropriate rigging techniques.
4. Complex rigging systems: The rigging systems used with cranes can be complex, and it requires a significant amount of skill and knowledge to understand how they work and how to operate them safely.
5. Legal regulations: In many countries, there are strict regulations governing crane rigging, and riggers must be trained and certified to operate cranes and rigging equipment. These regulations can add to the complexity of crane rigging.

We’ll need to obtain permits from the relevant authorities for transportation, arrange for escort vehicles to accompany the trailer and crane during transportation. These vehicles will help to warn other road users and ensure a safe journey.

At Pedowitz Machinery Movers, safety always comes first. So you can count on us to follow safety regulations including using warning signs and flaggers, as well as having a designated driver who is experienced in transporting heavy loads.

Now, transporting a crane depends on the size and weight of the crane, as well as the distance it needs to travel. As previously stated, first we have to determine the route that the crane will take, and ensure that it is clear of any obstacles such as low bridges, narrow roads, or weight restrictions. Also trailers are not a one size fits all. Selecting a trailer that is suitable for the size and weight of the crane is in itself a skill. The trailer should be able to support the crane’s weight, and have enough axles to distribute the weight evenly.

Then our rigging specialists get to work. We’ll secure the crane first. The crane should be securely fastened to the trailer using chains or straps, ensuring that the crane is balanced and level on the trailer. Once we get the crane from Point A to point B, our team will set about the delicate process of unloading the crane.

Providing crane service, operators, rigging, hauling, and storage in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island is what Pedowitz Machinery Movers does and is known for.

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To sum up, crane rigging is a complex and challenging task that requires extensive knowledge and experience to do safely and effectively. It is essential to follow proper rigging techniques and safety protocols to prevent accidents and ensure the success of the lift. The bottom line is it takes careful planning, attention to safety, and compliance with any and all DOB and traffic regulations.

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