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If you’re a shop or property manager and looking for a Long Island Rigging Company, make Pedowitz Machinery Movers in New York your first call.

Rigging companies play a crucial role in various industries, offering specialized services that involve the safe and efficient movement of heavy machinery, equipment, and materials. These companies are the unsung heroes behind many construction projects, industrial relocations, and large-scale events. Let’s take a look at what this Rigging Company on Long Island does every single day.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers Long Island Rigging Company 550 Washington
Long Island Rigging Company and Crane Services Pedowitz Machinery Movers NYC

Heavy Machinery Transportation: One of the primary responsibilities of a rigging company is to transport heavy machinery and equipment from one location to another. This could involve moving everything from massive industrial machinery to delicate medical equipment. Rigging professionals carefully plan and execute the transportation process to ensure the safety of both the equipment and those involved.

Precision Installation: Rigging companies are experts in installing heavy machinery and equipment with precision. Pedowitz Machinery Movers uses specialized tools and techniques to position equipment accurately, align it with existing systems, and ensure, and sets it in place. Often when companies purchase machinery or process lines at auction, they’ll call companies like Pedowitz to move and temporarily store the machinery or heavy equipment until it is ready to be transported or shipped to its new destination. Machines like forging presses or press brakes can sometimes weigh up to 100,000 pounds. Sometimes the base of a press or an anvil can weigh even more and in order to be transported, these (often irregular dimension loads) have require professional riggers with specialized training and who are familiar with the manufacturer specifications. Every millimeter makes a difference in order that the machinery or equipment functions correctly. This is critical for industries like manufacturing, where the proper installation of machinery directly impacts production quality and efficiency.

Industrial Relocation: When companies need to relocate their manufacturing facilities or warehouses, rigging companies are instrumental in dismantling, transporting, and reinstalling heavy equipment. This minimizes downtime and ensures a smooth transition to the new location. Check out THIS VIDEO from when Pedowitz was called to move all the mechanical assets including generators and HVAC units off the roof of a Manhattan building to be transported to our secure warehouse and storage warehouse facility in New Jersey.

Event Services: Rigging companies also play a vital role in the entertainment industry. They are responsible for setting up stages, lighting, sound equipment, and other elements for concerts, festivals, and large events. These professionals ensure that everything is secure and ready for the show to go on. We’ll use lifts and cranes to get the job done right as in THIS VIDEO from a job we did for a client that was managing the set up of a Victoria’s Secret Fashion on the High Line in Manhattan NYC.

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Crane Transport: Often times when Crane Companies need to transport their equipment such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, even oversized goliath cranes to their jobs, they’ll call the specialists at Pedowitz on Long Island. Our route planning team are the best on Long Island. It takes experience, as well as familiarity with navigating city streets to get these awesome machines from point A to point B.

Structural Support: In construction and renovation projects, rigging companies on Long Island like Pedowitz Machinery Movers provide structural support services. They may be tasked with reinforcing existing structures, lifting and placing structural components, or even dismantling structures safely.

Safety and Expertise: Rigging companies prioritize safety above all else. We employ highly trained personnel who are well-versed in rigging techniques, equipment operation, and safety protocols and our employees almost always hold multiple certifications. At Pedowitz, our riggers strictly adhere OSHA safety standards and regulations so as to prevent accidents and injuries.

Custom Solutions: No job is too big or too small. Whether you need to move a single piece or CNC machinery, medical equipment such as an MRI, mechanical equipment such as a chiller, or a prefabricated facade panel such as is used in modular construction projects, every project is unique, and rigging companies such a Pedowitz on Long Island often design custom solutions to meet specific needs. We specialize in shop moves as well as entire industrial relocations and machinery asset transfers. We have engineers that may engineer specialized lifting and rigging equipment who have decades of experience developing innovative strategies to overcome challenges. That’s why we are proud to count the Port of Authority of New York and the MTA as customers.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s our client SIGNS AND DECAL who made a video about a recent job for us!!!

Pedowitz Machinery Movers, with a rich history spanning over 70 years, has not only excelled in transporting heavy machinery and equipment but has also emerged as a leading rigging company on Long Island.

Safety First: Our approach to crane rigging is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to safety. We adhere to stringent safety protocols and regulations to safeguard not only the cranes but also our team and the surrounding environment. Safety is paramount in every step of the process, from planning to execution.

Customized Solutions: At Pedowitz Machinery Movers, we understand that every crane rigging project is unique. Our team excels in devising customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project. Whether it involves engineering specialized rigging equipment or implementing innovative strategies, we rise to the challenge and ensure successful outcomes.

Comprehensive Services: Our crane rigging services extend beyond transportation and assembly. We offer comprehensive solutions that encompass load testing, maintenance, and ongoing support to ensure the continued reliability and safety of cranes in operation.

Pedowitz Machinery Movers Long Island Rigging Company Master Riggers Trucking Heavy Equipment from Hauppauge New York Storage Warehouse 5
Pedowitz Machinery Movers Long Island Rigging Company Master Riggers Trucking Heavy Equipment from Hauppauge New York Storage Warehouse 1
Pedowitz Machinery Movers Long Island Rigging Company Master Riggers Trucking Heavy Equipment from Hauppauge New York Storage Warehouse 3

Few companies can bring to bear the resources that Pedowitz can. We have the variety and inventory of heavy lift cranes to fit your needs. From route planning to working with the NYC Department of Buildings, we will safely and expeditiously effect your lift. Don’t forget, cranes are heavy. We serve the 5 boroughs in New York City as well as Westbury, Garden City, Uniondale, Freeport, Massapequa, Farmingdale, Plainview, Melville, Huntington, Commack, Brentwood, Deer Park, Bay Shore, Lindenhurst, Hauppauge, Ronkonkoma, Bohemia, Patchogue, Smithtown, Medford, Port Jefferson, Stony Brook and the rest of the Island.

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Remember, if you’re looking for the best Rigging Company on Long Island NY Near Me we’re right in Hauppauge at 1765 Expressway Drive North, and employ certified machinery riggers at our storage warehouse and transload facility.