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An anvil for a forging press is the heavy and sturdy bottom of a forging press. This one in particular has been sitting in our client’s storage facility for a number of years. While this is a valuable piece of iron, it was important to the end user to figure out a cost effective way to rig and transport the unit to the desired destination.

The team at Pedowitz Machinery Movers devised a plan to safely lift and transport this valuable piece of iron to the buyer in Illinois. There were three essential components elements that comprised our plan.

1. A highly skilled, experience crew of riggers;
2. A 600 ton hydraulic crane and
3. A multi-axel vehicle that could transport this super load as you generally may not transport more than 25,000 pounds per axel.

The transportation of anvils can be challenging due to their weight and unwieldy shape. Moving a heavy anvil requires specialized equipment, such as cranes, forklifts, or sturdy carts, to lift and transport them safely. Additionally, due to their weight, anvils are usually not easily portable and are often considered stationary tools within a blacksmith’s workshop.

The culmination of months of planning, and several site visits by all the stakeholders eventually resulted in a cross country journey that required 2 State Troopers and 2 escort vehicles (front and back) for each state, all the way from Connecticut to Illinois.

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Who does stuff like this?

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When it comes to Specialized Machinery Transportation from Connecticut to Illinois or anywhere else in the lower 48, the answer is Pedowitz.