Arthur Kill Power Station Feed Water Heaters

Pedowitz Machinery Movers is an approved vender for the City and State of New York as well as the MTA. In this post, we are dealing with the Arthur Kill Power Station Feed Water Heaters in Staten Island.

This is a very big job and very few trucking and rigging companies in New York City have the resources and/or capabilities to turn this around fast.

Here are the specifics:

2 feed water preheaters (66,000 and 58,000 pounds) needed to be rigged up and lowered down a 100 foot shaft. As with most machinery swap outs or industrial plant relocations, the old equipment needs to be removed and the new machinery set in place.

But wait, not so fast. The professional truckers and riggers first have to navigate the oversize load to Staten Island and then transport the machinery, first via a horizontal, then a vertical access paths in order to go down shaft.

Not easy. IT’s basically 7 floors to ground.

But at the end of the day, Pedowitz gets it done. That’s because nothing stands in our way.

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Remember When it comes to transporting oversized loads such as Water Heaters or any kind of heavy mechanical equipment, trust Pedowitz Machinery Movers to get the job done right!

Arthur Kill Power Station Feed Water Heaters 4
Arthur Kill Power Station Feed Water Heaters 3