Moving Electrical Equipment for MTA LIRR Construction

Pedowitz Machinery Movers MTA LIRR Construction Suffolk Yard

Electrical Contractors Call Pedowitz Machinery Movers Not our video but definitely we were a huge part of the MTA LIRR Construction Suffolk Yard Project.

Railroad yard construction projects involve the planning, design, and construction of facilities and infrastructure related to railroad operations. These projects can include the development or expansion of rail yards, intermodal facilities, maintenance facilities, and associated infrastructure. The primary goal is to create efficient and safe spaces for the storage, sorting, and maintenance of railcars and the transfer of cargo between different modes of transportation, such as trains and trucks.

The specific requirements for becoming an approved trucking company for railroad yard construction projects may vary depending on the project, location, and the railroad company or agency involved. In this

In fact you can READ ABOUT THE PROJECT (and those like it).

This was shot with a drone while we unloaded, rigged and assembled the DC switch gear hut for this project. I was lucky as always to work with a great group of guys and with the support of Bay Crane as well as the ability to work with great contractors in Eldor and RCC.

The MTA LIRR Construction Suffolk Yard project was definitely one of the highlights of the last year.

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